Ali Tila is a culinary and lifestyle expert and mother of two. As the wife and business partner of Food Network Celebrity Chef Jet Tila, she co-owns and manages their mini culinary empire, including restaurant partnerships in Los Angeles and Dallas, and work with Compass Group. Ali’s instructional culinary videos and live streaming interactive videos on Facebook have hundreds of thousands of views. From baking and pastry to how to make the perfect steak, her skills in the kitchen are very well rounded. She created the very popular live streaming segment #EatLikeaPro with Jet that teaches people how to navigate ethnic restaurants, ordering and eating like a pro. She creates family/lifestyle content including kids cooking as well as regularly contributing to and managing her own and Jet’s social media pages. In her spare time, Ali enjoys home projects including orchestrating a spa bathroom remodel and deck build out in their home. Ali is also a border collie enthusiast and highly experienced dog trainer.