Burt Woolf is a national authority on transformative leadership and creative problem-solving for nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and higher education institutions. Since 2012, Burt has worked with over 180 executives, directors and managers across two campuses within the University of Massachusetts system, supporting leadership teams within administrative and auxiliary support divisions to transform their organizational culture and dramatically expand their impact on the quality of campus life experience. Burt has used his interactive “Accelerated Consensus” process to conduct internal organizational assessments, develop and implement visionary strategic plans, set standards of excellence, and facilitate high-performance work teams. His one-on-one coaching has empowered division executives, unit directors, and front-line managers to imagine and then execute big ideas, and to be more resilient and effective in the face of daunting challenges at work. At UMass Amherst Auxiliary Enterprises, Burt has been advising Executive Director Ken Toong and his management teams for the past 5 years, leading up to their #1 Best Campus Food ranking by the Princeton Review. Over the course of his 35-year career, Burt has been program director for a federal agency, founding CEO of a social-venture technology company, and chief executive of several major nonprofit organizations and an international foundation. He holds an Ed.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership (UMass College of Education); an MS in Management (UCLA), and a BA in Political Science (Amherst College).