Catherine (Sananès) Katz, PhD received her BA (psychology) from the University of California, Berkeley ’81, and her PhD in neuroscience from Princeton University ’87. She went on to complete post-doctoral training at Yale University, where her seminal work in the area of learning and memory was published in the preeminent scientific journal, Nature. Born in North Africa and raised in southern France, Catherine learned Mediterranean French cooking from her mother and aunt. After marrying nutrition expert, Dr. David L. Katz, Catherine applied her scientific acumen to the systematic reconciliation of great cuisine and great nutritional quality, recipe by recipe. The result is an approach to optimal eating she and David refer to as “loving food that loves you back,” an approach on which their five children (age range 17 to 27) have been raised. Catherine is the founder of, a healthy cooking website where good food and good health come together in a way that is actually feasible for today’s busy families. She has generated hundreds of “loving food that loves you back” recipes, meeting the highest nutrition standards and the demands of discerning palates in adults and children alike. Her recipes have been widely featured in national media, including ABC News, O Magazine, Eating Well, Prevention Magazine, Woman’s World, Fitness, Shape, and many others. She is the co-author, with David, of ‘The Flavor Full Diet’ (Rodale, 2005), and a contributor to several other books including ‘The Way to Eat’ (Sourcebooks, 2002), ‘Cut Your Cholesterol’ (Reader’s Digest, 2003), and ‘Disease Proof’ (Hudson Street Press/Penguin, 2013).