For the past 20 years, Professor Gardner’s research has examined the potential health benefits of dietary components such as soy, garlic, antioxidants, ginkgo, omega-3 fats, vegetarian diets, and weight loss diets in the general population. More than 2,000 research participants have been involved in these studies. The endpoints of interest of these studies have included blood cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, glucose, insulin, and markers of inflammation. Recently his nutrition interests have expanded to two new areas. The first is to explore additional motivators beyond health for making positive dietary changes, linking to ongoing social movements around animal welfare, climate change, social justice, and their relationships to food – which he refers to as stealth health or stealth nutrition. The second is to focus on a food systems approach to dietary improvements that addresses the production, preparation, presentation, and consumption of food provided by schools, hospitals, worksites, food banks and other institutional food settings.